Volcanos & Reunited Friends

November 15, 2015

If you’re a solo traveler with no “home base” and you hang out with the same person/people for more than two days, you’re a bonafide crew. You make and lose friends in a matter of days (sometimes hours), so to have any sort of consistency in this department is rare and welcomed.

Such was the case with the friends I made in Seminyak at Capsule Hostel. So when we were all going our separate ways, I was especially sad to say goodbye. Luckily, a volcanic eruption in Lombok fated us all back together in the perfect town of Ubud. Because of ash in the air from the volcanic activity, all flights in and out of Bali were cancelled, stranding devastated elated travelers from around the globe in paradise. English Rose was supposed to fly to Australia to start her job as a nanny for a family of triples, but day after day her flights were cancelled. Eventually she, Erwin and Patrick joined Rachel, Izzy and I in Ubud. Delvin was already in town (doing a semi-slient yoga retreat) and Vince was on his way from Gili T on Sunday to get to Ubud in time for my birthday on Monday. The gang was getting back together!

We stayed at a fantastic hostel called In Da Lodge and, since there were a few of us, we booked the family room, which was a tiny villa with a porch, private bathroom (but the toilet was broken half the time), two bunk beds downstairs, a double bed upstairs (that I was lucky enough to score) and a small balcony off the upstairs bedroom. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it felt like our little home and I loved it. The hostel itself was beautiful with a pool, bar, pagoda (the most coveted spot for hanging out) and a great layout for lounging around. The staff, however, was not all that great. Not as friendly, helpful or flexible as most hostels I’ve stayed at, but the environment made up for where they lacked.

Erwin and co. posted up at the pagoda at In Da Lodge

Erwin and co. posted up at the pagoda at In Da Lodge

Chill space at In Da Lodge

Chill space at In Da Lodge

There’s so much to see and do in Ubud, but one of the beauties of Ubud (and Bali in general) is lazing around by the pool, switching between sun and shade. And that Bingtang won’t drink itself! đŸ™‚ More adventures were in store for me and my international squad…

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  • Reply Mallory November 15, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Marge. Bali is amazing and I’m so glad you made it there! Guess what we’re up to? đŸ˜‰ YULETIDE! Just thought I’d bring you a taste of our reality over here. It’s a solid 40° every day which means Christmas is almost here. As Ty put it yesterday: “in a month, we’ll already be half way through the run”…and then I threw up. We also got office hoverboards (they’re supposedly props, but we’ll see if they ever make it to the stage.) Everyone has fallen. No one is graceful.

    I miss ya.


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