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  • The survivors (and thaaaaanks a lot for the gnarly face Izz…)

    The Way (of the Road) to Pai

    If this post had a subtitle it would be “A Lesson in Scooting Within Your Abilities.” I’ll say it plainly: scooting along this road is the Olympics of scooting. If you were attempting to…

    February 3, 2016
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    Day 1: Thailand

    My last morning in Vietnam, I hugged Melanie goodbye (but not for good!), hopped in a cab and was off for Thailand. Bangkok is everything to the utmost – the biggest, loudest, wildest. It’s…

    February 2, 2016
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    Music Thailand

    What A Wonderful World

    Yesterday a little piece of my hometown/childhood found me in Pai, Thailand. Pai has a reputation as a great place for music. From amatures to professionals, you can find people picking away at the…

    January 11, 2016