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    What I’m Listening To: Vol. 12

    So I’m back in the USA… but I’m not ready to delve into all that just yet. Right now I’m listening to this song on repeat and scouring through the notes on my iPhone…

    August 18, 2016
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    Deep Cuts Peru


    Sitting in the Lima airport on the way to Cusco is a bit like sitting outside a gate to Salt Lake City or another ski destination in the U.S. People are decked out in hiking…

    July 5, 2016
  • Post sunrise
    Deep Cuts Music Myanmar


    The monotone, sing-song of a monk reading rang through the early morning darkness. A crowd of people spoke in hushed tones, pacing this way and that atop the temple, looking for the prime photo-taking…

    February 5, 2016
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    Deep Cuts Vietnam

    Just Looking / On My Own

    In Hoi An there are countless shops selling very similar items. Because of this, the competition is pretty stiff. Once, as I started to walk away after looking around, a shop owner said, “Tell…

    December 28, 2015
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    Deep Cuts

    It’s All About Timing

    “It’s All About Timing.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from my parents. And they’re right. But timing has never really been a strength of mine. Growing up I always…

    December 1, 2015
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    Deep Cuts Indonesia

    Bad Habits

    Making friends when you travel is a bit like camp. You form nearly instant, intense bonds that seem a bit isolated to that particular time and place. They’re a blessing but it’s something I…

    November 18, 2015
  • Embracing rainy season in Bali at the water temple
    Deep Cuts Indonesia

    Worth It

    Today I made the tough decision to part ways with some friends who were heading back down to Seminyak. I just don’t feel like I’m done with Ubud and am still hoping to get…

    November 13, 2015
  • Deep Cuts

    Farewell Post

    I’m sitting in the Boston airport, awaiting my flight to Lisbon, Portugal, and I’m so relieved to be on the brink of experiencing the benefits of my decision to make such a big life…

    September 17, 2015